Join us in the 50-day challenge as we count down to the start of life-changing opportunities through education for 2,896 underprivileged students who still await sponsorship.
Dear Esteemed Donors and Philanthropists,


Time is running short before the official start of the new academic year 2024 in the coming mid-May. EDF Foundation has been actively promoting and fundraising for scholarships since July of the previous year. This is to ensure that we have sufficient educational funds for children in need, who have passed the selection and qualification checks to receive scholarships in various programs for the academic year 2024, totaling over 9,658 children from more than 1,200 schools nationwide.
As of May 10, 2024, EDF Foundation has received a total of 6,762 scholarship donations and still requires additional support for 2,896 scholarships by June 30, 2024, as detailed below:
  • Scholarship program for underprivileged lower secondary students: 5,865 scholarships have been donated, with 2,131 students still waiting. [Sponsor a child today!]
  • Scholarship program for underprivileged upper secondary/ vocational students excelling academically: 587 scholarships have been donated, with 383 students still waiting. [Sponsor a child today!]
  • Scholarship program for disabled students studying in regular schools: 183 scholarships have been donated, with 237 students still waiting. [Sponsor a child today!]
  • Scholarship program for students affected by the unrest in the southern border provinces: 127 scholarships have been donated, with 145 students still waiting. [Sponsor a child today!]
While EDF Foundation may not be able to present the life stories and struggles of all children applying for scholarships, we believe that the selected stories shared through our website may represent the hopes of many more children who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity for a better future through education.
Today, there is still time for you to decide to help at least one child from the 2,896 who still lack educational sponsorship, enabling them to have a starting point for life-changing opportunities and to determine their own future.
EDF Foundation continues to accept scholarship donations for the academic year 2024 until June 30, 2024. You can donate online through the EDF Foundation via its website at, make a bank transfer or download the EDF Donation Form here.
For further inquiries, donation notifications, or requesting tax deduction receipts, please contact the EDF Foundation's Public Relations Department at 02-579-9209-11 (Monday to Friday, 09:00-16:30), Line: @edfthai, or email [email protected].
Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to creating a brighter future and instilling hope for all students awaiting opportunities for a better future through education in the academic year 2024.

Respectfully yours,
Sunphet Nilrat
EDF Managing Director



  1. EDF is a registered charitable organization No.255, All donation can be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Thai law.
  2. The donation period for the school year 2024 starts from July 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2024
The donation can be made by money transfer to the following Thailand's local banks (Account Name "The Education for Development Foundation or EDF Foundation)"
SCB   Ngamwongwan Branch  Acc No. 319-2-77744-8
BBL  Bang Khen Branch  Acc No. 161-4-56698-0
KBank  Bang Khen Branch  Acc No. 070-2-45369-0
TTB  Kasetsart Univ. Branch  Acc No. 069-2-41110-1
KrungThai  Phaholyothin40 Branch  Acc No. 980-7-59891-5

Please kindly supply us your fund transfer evidence and donor's details to  [email protected] for issuing tax exempted donation receipt.
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The Education for Development Foundation (EDF) was established in 1987 and was officially registered as a charitable organization No.255
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