Dear Donors and Philanthropists,

When schools in Thailand began the first semester of Academic Year 2023 in mid-May, our scholarship team have been confirming the status of school attendance, verify the necessary information and other required documents for this academic year’s qualified scholarship candidates in preparation for transferring scholarship funds.
As of June 1, 2023, a total of 6,613 needy students had confirmed scholarships or 68% of 9,753 needy students selected to receive scholarships.
As a result, there are still 3,140 remaining needy students waiting for sponsorships: 2,415 lower secondary level students (3-year and 1-year scholarships), 519 upper secondary/vocational level students and 206 students with disabilities attending regular schools.
As in the past, the parents and guardians of these un-sponsored students did not give up and had worked with all their strengths to continue sending them to schools. But the reality of glaring poverty brought about by very low pay and irregular jobs by their parents and guardians, many of them were forced to drop out of schools. Worse, many of the students’ parents and guardians are at a senior age.
I cannot express in words the extreme sadness and sorrow of parents and guardians to see their children dropping out school, which is their one hope that could help their daughters and their sons break out of poverty and secure a better future.
Scholarship makes all the difference whether their daughters and sons will miss out or not on the most basic educational requirement for employment, which is:  3 years of education in lower secondary school (Grade7-9) or upper secondary school (Grade 10-12).
For the past 35 years, all of us at EDF Foundation have been honored to act as a medium to pass on the educational assistance from kind donors and caring people to more than 400,000 underprivileged students throughout Thailand. For those who had received EDF scholarships from donors, they had expressed in all gratitude that the sponsorships felt like a light at the end of the tunnel that guided them towards a better future.
It was a turning point in the lives of many students and helped them escape out of the poverty trap.
There is still time for you to help any of the less fortunate students who have yet to receive scholarships.
EDF Foundation is still accepting additional scholarship donations for the 3,140 students who have not yet received scholarships for this academic year until 30 June 2023. You can donate online via our website 
or download the EDF Donation Form here. or you can recommend/introduce EDF scholarship program to your friends or acquaintances to help sponsor scholarship for these students.

For more information or requesting receipt for tax deduction, please contact EDF Public Relations Department at tel. 02-579-9209 to 11 (Monday-Friday, 9.00-16.30 hrs.) Fax 02-940-5266, E-mail [email protected] or Line: @edfthai.


Respectfully yours,
Sunphet Nilrat
EDF Managing Director



  1. EDF is a registered charitable organization No.255, All donation can be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Thai law.
  2. The donation period for the school year 2023 starts from July 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2023
The donation can be made by money transfer to the following Thailand's local banks (Account Name "The Education for Development Foundation or EDF Foundation)"
SCB   Ngamwongwan Branch  Acc No. 319-2-77744-8
BBL  Bang Khen Branch  Acc No. 161-4-56698-0
KBank  Bang Khen Branch  Acc No. 070-2-45369-0
TTB  Kasetsart Univ. Branch  Acc No. 069-2-41110-1
KrungThai  Phaholyothin40 Branch  Acc No. 980-7-59891-5

Please kindly supply us your fund transfer evidence and donor's details to  [email protected] for issuing tax exempted donation receipt.
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