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Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities

  At present, Thailand has more than 2 million people with disabilities, both congenital and disabilities from other causes, such as accident, etc. From our experiences in implementing scholarship program for poor children in remote rural areas of Thailand since 1987 made us realize there are many children who have physical disabilities but possess with the ability to communicate, understand and learn. However, due to a lack of understanding of their parents and acceptance from the community leads to children being neclected at home. These children need opportunities to develop physically and mentally by attending school and leading a normal social life.

EDF has initiated the scholarship program in order to promote learning for disabled children in inclusive learning setting since 2003 to enhance their physical, social, and emotional development. Also, enabling them learn how to help themselves in certain situations without feeling that they are a burden to teachers and friends in school. EDF found that students with disabilities who received a scholarship develop positively by changes in personality from being quiet to becoming cheerful and loved by friends and teachers in schools.


At the present, there are still thousands of children with physical disabilities
who possessed with studying potential, but being excluded from
education systen due to poverty and misunderstanding of their parents

In addition, EDF has also conducted rehabilitation training with the community involvement every year. By inviting the children, psychologists and physical therapists to provide advice, knowledge and understanding of the parents, teachers and communities that children with disabilities are not a burden but they can help themselves if they are properly taken care of.

EDF has also contributed to the construction of basic infrastructures for the physically disables such as latrines, ramp ways for wheelchair users and accessible classrooms. Also, providing wheelchairs for underprivileged children to enable them with convenient accessibilities during school time or commuting from home to school.

Up until now, the children who participated the third training program for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities is a total of 2,798 people in total and 756 students were eligible to receive scholarships in regular schools.

Some students with physical disabilities recieved EDF scholarship
in school year 2019 with our belief to promote equal access
to basic education for all less fortunate children.


Types of support:

            A 1-year scholarship valued 5,000 baht/student
Qualified student candidates are those:

  • who, despite their physical disability/underdevelopment, possess sufficient communicative and learning ability
  • whose household is impoverished but parents would like to enroll them into an inclusive school.


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