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The turning point in the life of Khanom Jeen

Chayanit (Kanom-Jeen)
Grade 7, Princess Chulabhorn Science High School, Buriram province
EDF Scholarship Student, Academic Year 2023
Around the beginning of 2023, the EDF Scholarship Department received an application for scholarship support to continue studying in Mathayom 1 (Grade7) in the academic year 2023 from a guidance teacher of Muang Surin School, Surin Province. That was an application of Chayanit Sathitintaphon or Khanom Jeen. At that time, she was in Grade 6. She is from a 
poor family and but able to maintain good grades and is a well-behave student as well.

After listening more about her life story through additional interviews with the EDF scholarship team from school, we selected her to be presented in various media of the Foundation as the “one voice” that can tell the stories of each of the of thousands of students whose plight is just like hers and whose hope is just like hers - to complete school to have a better future.

Khanom Jeen and her aunt who owns the house where she and
her mother, brother and aunt stay after her mother’s separation
with husband, Khanom Jeen’s father.

Khanom Jeen, at that time, was a 12-year-old Grade 6 girl who lived with her single mother and an elder brother who was in Grade 8. Her mother was separated with her father many years ago. The father did not support his children’s education nor contact them. Her mother had to move and live in her aunt's house who is poor and lives a hand-to-mouth life as well. Luckily, she is single.
All three lives under the same roof and share various expenses. The living condition was not ideal as it is only a one-story house. There are only two small rooms, one for the aunt and another for her mother, brother and Khanom Jeen to stay.

Her aunt is a farmer who rents the land and does other odd jobs. Her income was just enough to support herself, while Khanom Jeen’s mother works as a daily worker at an electrical appliance shop in Surin City, about 24 kilometers away from their home.
Every day, Khanom Jeen and her brother and mother must wake up early to travel to school. After school she and her brother have to wait in the school until her mother gets off work in the evening and picks them up to go back home.

Her aunt’s house where Khanom Jeen and her mother and brother
live has two bedrooms and barely enough adjoining area.
Her mother receives a daily wage of 300 baht. If she gets sick and unable to work, she also is not paid. Out of that money, her mother deducts some to share the cost of household and food expenses with her aunt. There are expenses as well for raising her and her brother’s education.

All the problems and difficulties in life that Khanom Jeen faces on a daily basis did not darken her positive outlook in life or be an unruly student. Instead, she gets strength from it, especially since she also sees and feels on daily basis how her mother is working so hard to support her and her brother.
Her unsullied behavior and a 3.53 GPA in Grade 6 says just how she has turned poverty into strength. She is determined to study further to Matthayom 1 (Grade 7) so she took test to enroll Sirindhorn School in Surin Province and Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram for students who excel in mathematics and science. She was able to pass the test at both schools. Definitely, she chose Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram
The opportunity to enter this dream school for many students almost did not come through. In order to move from Grade 6 to Grade 7 (Mathayom 1), Khanom Jeen or any student for that matter, must have fully completed and settled all previous requirements and obligations from previous years and be issued of official certificate of completion. As it turned out, Khanom Jeen and her family owed back tuition fees from grade 5. The teachers contacted EDF asking for help and it was settled with the support from one of EDF donors.

Khanom Jeen and her mother traveled to the school
to write thank you letters and birthday card to her scholarship sponsors.

However, the biggest would-have-been disappointment and frustration in Khanom Jeen’s life occurred on the orientation and registration day at Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram.
It was made clear to them that although Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram is free, students who passed the test and were accepted to the school will have to post a guarantee for guarantee, which is returnable after a certain period. Another 3,670 baht for insurance and others expenses must also be paid, or a total of 13,670 baht.
The amount of 13,670 baht may mean nothing to rich families or even to middle-income families, but to poor family like Khanom Jeen, that amount came as a shock. Luckily, EDF scholarship donors (who wishes to remain anonymous) learnt about Khanom Jeen’s story through EDF Foundation's website and contacted EDF to help her get through the difficulties. 

All smiles by Nong Kanom Jeen on registration and orientation day for new
Matthayom 1 students of Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram

Khanom Jeen is thankful and grateful for receiving from kind people she has never known or seen before. She promised to make the most out of the gift she has received. She will do her best also in honor of the sacrifices of her mother.

She plans to apply for a scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree in the field of science after graduating from high school and be a productive citizen of the Thai nation.

Today, Khanom Jeen is studying in Matthayom 1 (Grade7) at
Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram. 
Dormitory life and living away from family are new to Khanom Jeen,
who must also maintain good grades, which has reached 3.83 GPA
during the first semester of 2023 academic year.


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