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Panakorn (Garfield), 12, Waiting for a 3-year lower secondary scholarship, academic year 2022, Sisaket province

Panakorn (Garfield), 13 years old,
Grade 7, Ban Sam Sao School, Sisaket province
Waiting for a 3-year lower secondary scholarship, academic year 2022.
We have four in the family: my grandfather, grandmother, my younger sibling and myself. Our house is a small old brick house in dilapidated condition. My family is very poor. My grandfather works as a seasonal worker while my grandmother is blind and is unable to work.


Panakorn is living with his elderly grandfather, blind grandmother and his sibling.

During weekends, I work digging out cassava crops and tapping rubber trees. Sometimes, I could get 200 baht or sometimes it is up to the employer. I give all the money to my grandfather for family expenses. As for my mother, she works in another province. Unfortunately, she lost her job due to the Covid-19 situation. Therefore, she could not send money to support our family.


Besides helping his grandfather do odd jobs to earn extra money, he also helps with all chores at home.
Every day, before and after school, I help with the housework, cook food, and take care of my sibling and grandmother. During my free time, I work whatever odd-job is available. At school, I like studying the Thai language. As for my hobbies, that will include playing football.


Poor condition of Panakorn's house where he is living with his grandparents.
If I could get a scholarship, I would like to finish lower secondary school and receive vocational college education as a mechanic to earn money for my family. I really want to receive a scholarship because my grandfather’s income is not enough to support my education.
I would like to tell my potential donor that I will be very thankful and grateful for your kindness. Your scholarship support will help my family, and me, very much. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue studying.

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