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“Education gives us wisdom to define our own destiny”
Family financial difficulties forced Nui’s mother to enroll her in Rajprachunukroh 50 School, a boarding school for less fortunate children in Khon Kaen since she was just a little girl. This year Nui finally turned 18.

Even though Nui had been less fortunate and lacked the loving and caring family like other children, but she always reminded herself that “we cannot choose  who we born to be, but we can choose to be a good person and do good things.”

And because of this, Nui studied hard and earned herself a place as one of the top students in class. She was an extraordinary talented young individual that would always help with any school activities; she was elected to be a member of the student committees and was loved by all her friends.
Nui believes that “Education” gives people wisdom to define their own destiny and that is the reason why she applied for EDF scholarship program to further her high school studies since 2010 up to this year. After completing her high school, Nui plans to continue her studies at a university level but to be able to support herself she will be working as a part-time employee. She hopes that the university will be able to help her determine her destiny and to help her family from the vicious poverty cycle.

Nui told us that “I think that one best way to repay the kindness of my parents is to work hard in studying and the knowledge you obtain will belong yours forever. I always belive that Education gives us wisdom to define our own destiny and that is a readon why I have to do my best in my study”

“I have made the best use of the scholarship I received from EDF supporter to benefit the most for education purpose. I realize that it’s not easy to get the scholarship and every Baht of scholarship fund is really important for my education future. I promise to be a good student, try my best in my study and never let you upset in giving me the education opportunity”

This May, schools in rural Thailand will be starting their 2014 school year. However, there are thousands of less fortunate students in our scholarship program waiting list. These students are still waiting for education opportunities in order to pursue their destiny just like Nui.

Bussarakham Kotama or Nui
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