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A Shining Hope for Maprang
Because parents work as construction workers and constantly relocating to different construction sites in different provinces, Rungjiraphon Jongsanthea or Maprang, a grade 7 student at Nongwang Pittayakom School, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, has to live with her uncle and aunt doing menial work mowing lawns and farming rice.
Their combined income of only 200-300 baht a day, plus the money received from Maprang’s parents and another parent, often fall short to fully cover the educational and other expenses for three nieces and nephews under their care so they had to borrow money from relatives and neighbors on many occasions.

Housing and living conditions of Rungjiraporn or Maprang

Things go from bad to worse when Maprang parents and other parents are out of work. This has been occurring more frequently due to the condition of the economy, which is a side effect of the COVID situation.
Maprang lives in a makeshift house with dried grass roof and some scrap wood panels and metal sheets walls. They don’t have their own pipe water so they have to fetch water from a nearby well or buckets of collected rain water.


Maprang has only one set of school uniform she washes daily
to wear again the next day.
They don’t have their own electricity connections and rely on their neighbor’s generous electric extension, which is cut off early at night to save on cost. Maprang has to read books and do her homework under lantern light.
Going to and from school is not easy task. Maprang lives 3 kilometers away from the school. Each day, Maprang has to walk about 800 meters of dirt road, which becomes muddy when it rains, to reach the main road and catch the school vehicle.


Every day she has to walk 800 meters of dirt road to reach the main road
to catch the school vehicle.
With not enough money to buy clothes and school supplies. Maprang has only one set of school uniform. Every day, she rushes to wash her school uniform immediately after returning home for it to dry in time and wear it on the following day.
One day her teacher told her that she had received a scholarship from EDF Foundation donor — her face lit up in joy.


Not only scholarship fund, Maprang also received additional support
for her living expenses and her family from kind sponsor.
“I am very happy to receive this scholarship. Thank you. I will spend this scholarship to buy additional school uniform and pay for school transportation. Thank you again to EDF Foundation sponsor for helping me and my family. I promise to study hard and do my best.”

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