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Chawanan (Takkataen), 12, EDF Scholarship Applicant School Year 2022, Mukdahan province
Chawanan Srimanee (Takkataen) age 12 years
Grade 6, Mukdahan Province
Apply for a scholarship to study in junior high school (Grade 7-9), Academic Year 2022
Sawad-dee kha. My name is Chawanan and my nickname is Takkataen. I am 12 years old and studying in grade 6 at Mukdahan Province.
I am the eldest child and have one younger sister and one younger brother. I and my siblings live with our uncle and aunt since I was in my second year kindergarten school because my parents got divorced.

Chawanan would help uncle and aunt in reducing their burden by
washing the dishes. Regularly clean the house and steam the rice.

My mother moved to work in other province and sent money to my uncle and aunt to take care of us, while my father had never supported us.

But with Covid-19 pandemic my mother could no longer sent us any money. The responsibility has fallen on my uncle and my aunt, who are both farmers with very little income. It is not enough to cover all family expenses and the costs of education for me and my siblings.
Every day after school, I help wash the dishes, clean the house and cook rice. During holidays, I go out to have extra money doing some little work here and there, such as harvesting rice, carrying and moving sacks of rice and digging up cassava root crops and sell them.
When I grow up, I would like to be a police officer because I want to help people. It would also help me and earn enough money to take care of my uncle and aunt who have never complaint for taking good care of my younger siblings and me.
I am applying for EDF scholarship because I want to help lighten up the hard work that my uncle and my aunt have to do every day just to pay for the cost of my education. If I get a chance to have a scholarship, I will spend it to pay for schooling and supplies and save some for my future education.
Please help me. Thank you very much.

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