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Sanphet (Aom), 11, EDF Scholarship Applicant School Year 2022, Nakhon Ratchasima province
Sanphet Muen Wai (Aom), 11 years old
Grade 6, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
Apply for a scholarship to study in junior high school (Year 7-9), Academic year 2022

Sawasdee krab, my name is Sanphet. You can call me Aom. I am 11 years old and studying in grade 6 at Nakhon Ratchasima Province.
I live with my parents and an elder sister in a rented house where my parents operates a small food shop, selling noodle with gravy sauce. I am very happy to help my family though our income is not much. However, it is better than doing nothing.

Each day, I wake up at 4 am to go to the market with my mother to buy fresh ingredients and other things. After that I help slice pork, cut vegetables, slice noodle and others. After closing the shop in the evening, I help clean up everything such as wash dishes, clean tables, clean the shop. I also help with various household chores.

This letter will be written by Sanphet. with the hope of alleviating
the family's burden and making the most of the scholarship for further study.

Sadly, like others, our family has also been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as our daily income decreases. However, we are not given up. If you ask me whether I am tired of working to help my family and have no time to hang out and play with friends, I will say that I'm not tired. I am more than proud to help my family. I feel very fortunate to have a lovely and warm family.
Every day, I go to school by bicycle. I like Physical Education subject because I learn a lot on techniques playing sports. When I have free time, I like playing football with friends as part of a team.  When the school organizes sports competitions at different levels, I often represent the school to compete. I do my best every time and I am proud of the results, win or not. When there are school activities, I help teachers and volunteer for painting school building or do school landscape improvement.
When I heard from teachers about scholarships from the EDF Foundation, I immediately wrote this letter in the hope of getting one. If I get it, I will spend the scholarship to buy school supplies, school uniforms and other expenses for studying.

I wish to study Automotive Mechanics in vocational college after I graduate from junior high school.
I would like to thank the EDF Foundation and all donors, and I hope some of them could choose me as of the scholarship recipients.  I promise to make the most of this scholarship for my studies and my future.
I dream of joining a Thai football team someday although while being a mechanic. It’s a once-in-life dream. I would also like to experience playing on a huge football field.

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